Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Where have I been???

Can you believe I started this blog to keep friends up to date in 2009? Here it is 2011 and i am just getting time to get back on. I am so sorry to have started and left you all so let me bring you up to speed...

God called us to be missionaries, we said yes and we moved to Tenn. How is that? God has blessed in so many different ways through the way. I can't wait to actually tell you all about them. But for now, I must end, with a promise that I will be faithful to this blog and post as often as I can.

Can someone tell me how to put music on this like my friends blog has? So much to learn!!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

so much to do!

Hello friends,

So much has been going on here at the Patterson's house. We are all finally over the H1N1 flu. I am so glad that is over!!!The kids were sick for so long.
We have had one person look at our house so far and two others who are thinking about it. I am not sure how much longer we will wait before we call a realtor. Everyone knows someone they want us to use! I hope no one gets their feeling hurt, I have no idea who Jim is going to pick.
Yesterday we had three Dr. appointments and an hour at chuckie cheese. The kids had so much fun and there was no fighting all day!!! It was great. We took one of our bestest friends with us and I am sure that helped a lot. I know I enjoyed the adult time. Nothing is going to change at this time with the kids as far as meds. ( it was all pdoc appointments)
I have packed 6 boxes this week. It is amazing how much stuff I have! I am only working on basement stuff right now and I already have over 20 boxes packed! I have a huge pile for a garage sale and piles to give away as well. I have a friend helping me sell things on Amazon. Jim is listing things on Craig's list. We are trying to give or sell alot of things. If you know something we have that you may want, let me know!
Next weekend is opening day of shotgun season. This month and part of last Jim and Mr. Miraglia have been going to camp bow hunting. Jim's brother got a nice buck with his bow. Tom, has been successful many times with a bow. (maybe he should teach Jim how ;0) So next Friday we will all be going to camp for the week, or however long it takes Jim to get his deer. I am looking forward to it this year. The kids and I have our routines down there. They love to make peanut butter balls there...we play games and watch movies and listen on the 2way radios for the sounds of who got the deer....
A lot is going on here with happy and thrilling feelings of knowing God is going to do something with us. Jim and I have never been happier knowing we are walking in the path God has called us to walk. I am constantly dreaming about my new house and all the people I am going to get to serve. I so love serving people. There is no greater calling than to be a Pastor, and to be able to meet their needs for a week is so thrilling for me. Not only am I going to serve them, but we will be able to teach our children in a hands on way how to serve others. Sara can not wait to help clean their rooms and make their beds. She will be a great helper. I am amazed at her sweet spirit when it comes to serving others. I could go on and on about how excited we are to know and be doing God's will for our lives. Yet there is one sad part, there are so many friends and family that still do not know the Lord that we are leaving. I feel like there is still so much to be done here as well. It breaks our heart to know we have friends and family as well who do not know the Lord in a real personal way. To have the Lord as center of your life is so precious. How do people live without the Lord????

Monday, November 2, 2009

The gossip is true!

So now I can tell the world!!! We have been called into full time service for the Lord. I can not even begin to tell you how excited we all are! We are in the process of getting ready to move! We are going to work in a ministry called "Desert Place Haven of Rest" Bob Creel runs it. It is a camp in Tenn. that has cabins for pastors and their families to get a vacation for free. Well, he is trying to start a bed and Breakfast in Maine, which is where we will be the care takers. There is so much to tell you all and so much to do to get ready...make sure you check here often, from now on I will not be emailing info, this way you get to chose to read or chose not to know what God is going to do with us. I want you all to care about our path, but I do not want to force anyone to get info they do not want! So sign up to be a follower so i will know you want to know! i will post soon! send me your email if you want to be caught up with my email note explaining everything, i do not know how to add attachments here...sorry

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oct. 15th

It is hard to believe we are already in the middle of Oct. You do know today is the start of bow season which means....lots to do in the next month and a half. Most people call this season fall but here at our house fall is really "hunting" season. I love being married to a man that God blesses year after year with a deer or two. My children get so excited to see the deer. I get excited because it means less meat I buy for the year! Jim will not be going to our camp hunting this first weekend. We are going in to see his son's instead. He will be gone every weekend after that though. We will go as a family opening week. I love cooking and cleaning camp. I have not been at all this year.

This has been a very busy week. We have had a revival at our church this week. I cooked for the man and his wife plus our preacher and wife on Monday. I had planned to do it yesterday as well but while I was making the meal I received a phone call that a friend needed me. So i canceled my plans and went off for the day to help someone else. There is nothing more important to me than helping people in need. I believe my life's calling is to help others. God has blessed me with a huge group of true friends. Most people have a few friends and many acquaintances. I am blessed to have many true friends. I am so thankful that so many people trust me and call me their friends. It is a honour that I do not take lightly. In case I have not told you all thank you for calling me your friend!
Today I will be spending the day helping a friend as well. Then tomorrow I meet with Bill's principal to talk about some of his curriculum that I need changed. I am not scared about the appointment though I would appreciate your prayers that I have a clear head and the ability to say what is right.
Thank you to all who have taken the time to read my blog. I am honour that you took time out of your life to read my thoughts for the day. Today I am going to do my best to keep my whole heart and mind stayed on the Lord. The more I aim to please Him the happier I will be!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

oct 7th

OK, day two trying this out! What a windy day it is here. A few sprinkles now and then but mostly just wind. I used to be so concerned about the weather, then I heard someone preach once about how God gives us the weather we need when we need it. When we say things like, just what we need, more rain or the such, we are actually acting like we know better than God. So now, I am just thankful for whatever weather God gives us. No matter how I feel about it, I can not change it, so i have decided a long time ago, not to have an opinion on the weather. There are so many other things to have opinions about anyway! great my husband is. Have I told you guys lately how great it is to be married to your best friend? With all the stress we have in our lives with the children, it is nice to know Jim always understands. He is even getting used to me calling him many times a day to just talk to him.
This has been a rough week for Bill. He has a lot on his mind. His "brain boss" is back. School is getting really hard for him. He is finding out Middle school is a lot harder than he thought. I need to pray for more ways for me to comfort him.
Sara is doing very well in school. learning comes so natural for her. (She takes after her daddy!)
She has been having a lot of work done on her teeth. With her reflux being so bad, her mouth has a lot of decay in it. She pulled a tooth out yesterday just because she did not want the dentist to do it in two weeks. She was so proud of herself, I hated telling her she still had to go back to get other work done. What was even worse was this morning when she came to me and said, "Mom did you forget or do you not have a dollar to put under my pillow" What kind of a mom am I? My kids know there is no tooth fairy, they laugh and say our tooth fairy does not fly, it is mommy!
So I must get to more house work. I have been reading in Nehemiah because I thought it might encourage me to get more work done. I love reading how they "wanted" to work! I need to be more like them.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sept. 6th 2009

Well here goes my first try to "blog." Our life is changing so fast it is hard to keep everyone in the loop. I will be adding things on here often to keep my readers well informed on all the things God has planned for the Patterson's. In the past month God has been working so much in our lives Jim and i feel like exploding most days. I am still standing in awe that God would want to use someone like me! I look forward to sharing all God has for us.